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My photoshoots are FREE - Ever fancied a photoshoot?


Whats the catch?

There is no catch, in return for your time, I get to gain experience of photographing people, pets, groups and different locations under different conditions. Its really as simple as that.


Do I get some photos at the end?

Yes, you get your photos either to download on line or I can produce a DVD with all the photographs on for you. Its your choice.


Do you create portfolios or can you tell me how I can go about that?

I can create your portfolio for you. This will take a number of photoshoots, all of which will be FREE.


I don't want the cost of printing off all my photos, is there anyway I can have them available online?

Absolutely YES. I can create a website for you exactly as you wish and to your requirements. This is NOT free, but as an example, if you have a photoshoot with me, your website will cost from £30 rather than £80.




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Did I mention that my photoshoots are FREE? 

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